ER Press Kit

Eternal Return, previously known as BS:ER (Black Survival: Eternal Return), is the 3D parallel world of ‘Black Survival(2D).’

Fend for yourself and defeat other survivors in unique and exciting top-down Survival Battle Royale gameplay. Become your favorite character and outlast your opponents by combining your wits and strategy with searching and item crafting to become the ultimate survivor.


Early history

Independently apart from any other development team at Nimble Neuron, we formed a small group of developers to create a different kind of game. We had a vision of an online survival pvp game, where only one can survive from among 15 ~ 20 players to win the game. It’s not just another battle royale game – which, of course, are each excellent in their own way. We didn’t want to create one that needs intense physical engagements and abilities. We also didn’t want to create a game that’s the exactly a MOBA or MOBA-like battle royale — our focus was to convey the essence of fun taken from the MOBA genre and the thrill of planning/ executing character growth strategies while interacting with many environmental factors. A project was born — a ‘survival game’ with the importance on planning/ operating ‘character growth strategies’ like searching for and crafting items, gaining mastery and getting stronger based on the players choices, all on a beautiful atmospheric 3D battle map. Pursuing and keeping this initial mission in mind, we will upgrade the quality of gameplay and aesthetics for players to enjoy a different style of 3D survival pvp game.


  • A variety of Test Subjects are availiable for you too choose from. Try playing the serial killer, Jackie, the shaken cop, Aya, or the ascended disciple, Zahir.
  • Each Test Subject has their own abilities and masteries. Practice them well, use them well.
  • Each Test Subject also provides their own unique playstyle, and will give you a completely different gameplay experience.
  • Your main goal is to be the last one standing. Your choices will lead you to your end.
  • You can play an intense game of hide and seek during the battle; hiding to avoid your demise and killing when you feel ready to do so.
  • You can decide to focus on hunting wild animals to grow stronger.
  • You can focus on searching and crafting ultimate equipment that will match your character’s strategy.
  • You can set traps and prepare ambushes to cleanly dispose of your enemies.
  • Whatever you decide, make sure it leads you to victory.
  • There are a wide range of items to search for, collect, and craft that will help you survive on Lumia Island.
  • You can craft the best weapons and armor that fit your character, or make food, beverages, and tools that might tip the scales in your favor when facing enemies.
  • The items and materials are limited, so use them well. You might need to kill someone to get the hammer you sorely need!
  • Your skills, knowledge, and tactics will be your only hope for surviving until the end…



About Nimble Neuron

Nimble Neuron has a deep interest in creating fun and immersive games with a global community of players/ streamers/ contents creators all over the world. Nimble Neuron aims to use its professional game development experience to create games with significant innovations in the game industry.

More information
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